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Hookah Menu

Watermelon Mint

Sweet smooth taste of watermelon infused with the cool taste of fresh mint


Zesty hints of lime, blended with the tingling freshness of mint, and finishes with lingering sweet undertones

Citrus Mint

Refreshing blend of orange, lemon, and mint

Sex on the Beach

Tropical blend of fruit with creamy and smooth hint of vanilla

Blue Mist

Smooth sweet flavor of blueberry with a mellow mint aftertaste

Guava Mint

South American tropical fruit guava with smooth mint

Code 69

Fruity mix of passion fruit and lemon with a cola undertone


Classic taste of freshly picked strawberry


Soothing taste of blueberry


Hookah | $16.00

Second Round Coals | $2.00

Happy Hour | $10.00

Hookah Head Refills | $8.00


3 people max per hookah

Do not move your own hookah